Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Angel's In Heaven

Angel at 17
I received a note from my friend Desiree yesterday.  She wrote "Angel passed today and joined her Angels in Heaven.  She will meet me at the Rainbow Bridge".

You may remember Angel from many blog posts about Desiree's wonderful fairy garden up in Oregon.

Angel heading for the Rainbow Bridge
Desiree wrote further:
After I buried her in the Bonica Rose garden near her sister, Silhouette, I said a prayer.  Twenty minutes later a flock of Canada Geese flew directly overhead in two "V"s.
I think that was a fitting tribute to a sweet a loyal companion.

A flock of Canada Geese
Desiree continues:
 ... I thanked Angel for taking care of me for the past eighteen years.  She loved me through some of the hardest days when my back was broken and I could only lay in bed and pray that I would be able to walk one day.  She slept next to me and made me laugh!  I miss her and so look forward to seeing her again with God.

Where the Bonica Roses bloom
What a gift these little fur children are in our lives!  

Rest in peace, sweet Angel.

All in God's Grace

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