Monday, October 19, 2015

Celebrating September Birthdays

Walter gazes at the cupcakes in appreciation

Okay, I'm late in posting these photos!  These were taken at our company celebration of all September birthdays, and I see we are well into October.  Pretty soon we'll be posting the October birthday celebration!


Jimmy and Joel oversee the festivities, while Barbara poses in the background
It's always fun when they announce over the loudspeaker that "There's cake and ice cream in the kitchen!"

The mass migration into the kitchen attests that this is a very popular statement indeed.

Carlos blows out his candles
My boss Joel, and co-worker Carlos both celebrated birthdays in September.

Joel accepts his cake and ice cream too
This time we had cupcakes!  That was a fun change.

After the birthday folks were served, we all went into a feeding frenzy
I know this photo doesn't look like people are having fun, but we are.  Behind those bored, ho-hum exteriors, there's a party raging!

Coworkers enjoying the treats
Frank G., Frank B (standing); Edward, Ivy and Giuseppe
I am lucky to have such great bosses and co-workers.  We really do have a nice company vibe.  It's a good, positive environment in which to work.

Mengzhou, Doug and Barbara
I'm looking forward to the October birthdays!

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