Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Bullet Train

Continuing our tour of Japan with my neighbor George, here are some gorgeous and quite futuristic-looking bullet trains.

He writes: "The bullet trains known as Shinkansen are a fast and very efficient way of getting around Japan, they zoom along at 270-300 miles per hour!"

He adds that they are very comfortable to ride on and are quieter and smoother riding than regular trains we are used to.

George notes:
We had first class train passes, the seats in first class, or 'green cars' as they are called, are very comfortable: they recline, have enough leg room to fully extend my legs , large fold down trays and adjustable foot rests! [There is] plenty of room for luggage, and when you get on the train the attendant brings around a hand towel to wash your hands. 
Sounds good!

Attendants breeze through the cars, occasionally, to clean them.  George noted the following:
I also found it interesting that the attendant and conductor when they were finished with their task in the car, they would face the riders and slightly bow before exiting the car.
The bowing is a cultural thing, of course, but doesn't that kind of service, and polite attention to one's job sound rather nice?

I think it would be great to have bullet trains here in the United States! Imagine how convenient it would be to have a fast service like this linking the vast stretches of the west, or even serving the eastern seaboard.

Bring it on!

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