Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tokyo DisneySea

Captain Nemo's famous vessel
Tokyo's DisneySea is a theme park located just outside of Tokyo, Japan.  It is the fourth most visited theme park in the world, according to Wikipedia.  This is a more adult-themed park, with faster, scarier rides and shows designed for an older audience.  It is actually owned by the Oriental Land Company which is licensed by Disney.

Paddleboats at the Mysterious Island with Mount Prometheus in the background
The park has seven Ports of Call:  Mediterranean Harbor (the entrance to the park), American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast and the Mysterious Island.
Arabian Nights wonders
The Arabian Coast area recreates the world of the Disney film Aladdin.

The minaret below looks beautiful up against the early evening sky.

This image (below) recalls 1001 Arabian Nights, doesn't it?

This lagoon looks very peaceful.
Arabian Nights dream
I love the fountain below.

The Indiana Jones area of the park looks delightful as well.

The Aztec Temple houses the Indiana Jones Ride

Mickey Mouse ears even adorn the commuter trains to the park!  I love those windows.

Commuter Trains to the park
Many people come in costume to the park.  I believe George told me that some of these are park employees, but most are just huge Disney Fans.

Lucky for us, he photographed all his favorite costumes:


I love the attention to detail

I like that the costume efforts aren't gender specific
There are some truly imaginative people in the world, aren't there?  I can't imagine what time and effort has gone into some of these fabulous costumes!

Not to mention money.  Cosplay isn't cheap.

This couple is one of my personal favorites

Wonder if those duck feet shoes are difficult to waddle in?

This was an adorable little bunny rabbit!
This American scene would be right at home at Disneyland here in my back yard.  I love the guests in costume.

Toy Story!
You can just catch a glimpse of the double-decker merry-go-round, the Caravan Carousel, behind the ladies posing below.  It seats up to 190 people.

The American Waterfront has an "Old Cape Cod" section and a "New York Harbor" section.  You can see the Old Cape Cod section below:

A New England Fishing Village
This magnificent structure ( below) houses a "Tower of Terror" type ride.
The Tower of Terror here is a Hotel
The 'Under the Sea ' area of the park is magically charming, too:

Neptune, the god of the sea, with his faithful dolphin steeds

As at all Disney theme parks, even the foliage is carefully chosen.  This odd plant (below) seems to have blooms in the shape of animal heads.

Indiana Jones would feel right at home here.

The Yucatan Coaster Ride

After having seen these photos, I really want to go for a visit, don't you?

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