Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Robot Restaurant

My friend and neighbor, George, just returned from a marvelous trip to Japan.  This is the first post of a series from his trip.  It really sounded like a fun time!

Our first stop?  The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

It's a pretty wild place.

Fire-breathing dragons astound the guests!

Then they throw in a man-eating shark.  Save the women and children!

There were also human performers.  These lovely ladies were NOT robots!  (At least I'm pretty sure they weren't.)

I'm not sure if some of these wild robots (as shown below) are featured in Anime or are from films I haven't seen - they are products of a magnificent imagination, however.

These singers (below) look like robots - what do you think?  Real or Robotic?

Ourobouros?  Again, a bit scary!

Hide under the tables!  (Oh, I see no one is hiding... phew!)

Danger!  Danger, Will  Robinson!

This seems like quite the spectacle!  I wonder if the food was good?

My friend said the noise and lights were an assault on the senses! There was certainly a WOW factor and it was a lot of fun he said - but also headache inducing!

Thanks for sharing your photos with us, George!  They are beautiful.

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