Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Chocolate

The Chocolate
A dessert café
No trip to Utah should be complete without a visit to The Chocolate for dessert.  I had long heard about this place, but had never had the opportunity to visit.

We were able to pack the whole bunch of us into a couple of cars and head over to the West Jordan site (there's also a location in Orem, Utah) for a delightful dessert time.

My brother and Peggy peruse the menu while I watch Annika be cute
The Chocolate in West Jordan isn't imposing in the least.  It is housed in, literally, an old house - one of those typical, 100+ year-old Utah homes with lots of nooks and crannies.

Peggy goes off to find a seat

You order your dessert at the front counter and find yourself a seat.  Every room is painted a different color.  Every room has a variety of seats and tables for you to choose.

We were led to a back room.  The whole bunch of us barely fit, but it was quiet and private.

The signature house dish:  A Warm Cazookie
I ordered a Cazookie -  a warm chocolate chip cookie the size of my head, topped with a rich vanilla ice cream.

Yes.  It was delicious.
Linnea chose her favorite, a Madagascar Vanilla cake
Everything looked very yummy.

The cakes were to die for
I should at this point probably explain that there are some great photographers in our family.  This means that, although I am not one of these great photographers, just bring out a camera and watch our family members start posing.

Christian immediately pulled a GQ pose as I pointed my lens in his direction.
Christian going GQ on me...
He has a great deal of savoir-faire for being 13, don't you think?

And then his older brother Nils did the same thing:

.....just like his brother Nils
Maybe it was the sugar talkin'?  In any case, they crack me up.  I love my family.  

I also love warm chocolate chip cookies... perhaps not with the same degree of ardor, it's a different sort of love... but... well, you understand!

Now I just wish I had one of those 'The Chocolate' franchises closer to my home in California!  (Anybody?  Hint!  Hint!)

For more information on this dessert café chain, visit

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