Thursday, September 24, 2015

Huntin' Gators!

My brother recently visited Florida and took a trip to the swamp.  On purpose, I might add.  The "lake" he took a tour of has approximately 2,000 gators.

My brother having fun
That's 2,000 more gators than I ever want to meet up with.

"Most of the time," Jay said, "it felt like you were in the middle of a nice grassy meadow, but really, if you stepped out onto it, you would step through the grass and right into waters infested with all kinds of icky things..."

So they didn't do that.

It looks like grassland, but it isn't!
The captain of the air boat, Captain Dennis, had a dry southern sense of humor.  "If anyone gets an arm or a leg bit off on our trip, I've got some Band-Aids in a cupboard back there," he quipped.

Yeah.  Real funny until someone gets an arm or a leg bit off.  I don't think Johnson & Johnson makes Band-Aids quite that big.

Note to self: Keep your arms and your legs inside the boat at all times!

It isn't unusual for people in Florida to wake up in the morning and discover a gator on their front lawn, said Captain Dennis, who added, "Often times, you also find ya gotta get 'cha a new dawg."
Jay and Captain Dennis
I'm glad my brother made it back with arms and legs intact!

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