Wednesday, September 30, 2015


A rare lull in business, on an early Monday afternoon
I had heard of the glories of Leatherby's, but never tasted it before our latest visit to the Salt Lake City area.

Peggy and I unexpectedly found ourselves having dinner and ice cream there before driving back to California.

We had merely stopped to refuel prior to our departure, and... there it was... the Leatherby's sign! I couldn't contain my glee.  "We have to stop," I said.  "It's right there.  It's fate!"

Peggy quickly agreed.  After all, we both reasoned, it was nearly dinnertime.

The Leatherby's Crew at work
So, we entered the near empty restaurant and ordered hamburgers.  The meal deal came with a scoop of Leatherby's homemade ice cream.

Banana split art on the wall
The hamburgers were delicious.

Then came the ice cream!
Peggy enjoying her scoop
It was good.  It was really really good.
This was ONE SCOOP!
The "single" scoops were huge.  HUGE I tell ya!
Yours Truly
I was happy to finally have had a chance to try this Utah favorite!

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Linnea said...

I'm glad you got to go! Such a fun place. :)