Friday, September 4, 2015

Sleeping Like An Egyptian

The Luxor, Las Vegas
Okay, I've been intrigued by the pyramid-shaped hotel in Vegas, called The Luxor, since I first saw it rising from the desert on the south end of the Strip some years ago.

So we decided to stay there on our road trip last week.

It was an interesting place.  I loved the Egyptian decor.  The inside is quite nice.  We had a room in the east tower - you can see one of the black towers rising up to the right side of the pyramid in the above photo.  There are two, actually.  It was one of those.

My friend Peggy in our Luxor-ious room
We had to see The Strip before we went to bed, so we didn't crash until nearly 3 a.m.!

Yes.  We're nuts.

But it's Vegas, Baby!
The Double Queen beds were comfy!
We enjoyed our stay at the Luxor.  The staff we encountered in our stay was absolutely wonderful. Everyone was pleasant and kind and very, very nice.

That's a business model I like.

I wonder if ancient Egyptians had comfort like this?
We had a pleasant stay, and a nice breakfast in the Pyramid Cafe before we headed back on our journey to Utah.

Trucks with bold ads haunt the main streets of Vegas
I didn't think it had been so long since I was last in Las Vegas (or Lost Wages, as some prefer to call it!).  Yet The Strip was quite different than I remember it.  New buildings and hotels of all kinds have been built in the interim, convincing me it was longer since I had last been there than I had originally thought.

Vegas just gets brighter and glitzier and crazier with each passing year.

It can be a lot of fun.

However, there is also an undercurrent of human misery there.  The line between the two, I think, is often a fine one.

We said good-bye and headed north after breakfast.

I love the Sphinx!
It's a fun place, but I wouldn't want to live there.

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