Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Meeting Olaf

Olaf with his Daddy
One of the great things about my recent vacation was finally getting to meet the two newest members of our family: Annika (featured yesterday) and Olaf!

Annika was born on April 15th and Olaf about six weeks later.

Even so, Olaf is about 1 1/2 times the size of Annika.  He's a chunk.  A Cutie Wootie chunk.

Olaf is adorable
Olaf left the United States with his family a few days after this photo was taken.  They are currently living in Beijing.  My nephew has an exciting life.

I couldn't resist doing some selfies with Olaf.
Here Olaf is giving us that Elvis lip curl
Both babies were so good.  They were both good-natured, sweet and laughing, even with all the strange people picking them up and hugging them.  And kissing them.  And cuddling with them.

Olaf with Great-Aunt Marianne
Olaf is going to be a mighty man someday.

Here he is with his girlfriend, Peggy:

Olaf hanging with Peggy
I know what he's thinking.  Hmmmm.... if this gets out on the internet, what will my other girlfriends say?  Do I smile?  Do I play it cool?  Ooops!  They took the picture while I was thinking about that!

Here is my beautiful niece Linnea with both the babies.  You couldn't find two more dissimilar cousins!  And yet... somewhere in those genes of both those kids lies the mark of old Norwegian explorers, Danish farmers, and Swedish gentlemen - not to mention a few American lines that go all the way back to New England in the 1620s then "over the pond", as they say, to merry old England.

Linnea with her cute nephew Olaf and her beautiful daughter Annika
I love my family!  We are so lucky to have these little ones with us.

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