Thursday, April 9, 2015

March Birthdays

Barbara, Edward and Carmen cutting the cake
Yes.  It took three of them!
Celebrating birthdays has again become a monthly activity at our engineering firm.  We fell out of the habit there for a while, but we've started up again the past few months.

Here we all are celebrating the March birthdays on the 31st.

Bosses Joel and Jimmy strategize in the corner while Shirley and Ana watch the cake being cut
It's a lot of fun to be surprised with cake and ice cream on the last day of the month.

At least, I always forget about it and am pleasantly surprised when they announce we're going to have cake and ice cream in the afternoon.

(L to R) Eric, Juan, Sabrina, Ivy and Albert watch Barbara handing out cake slices
That's Sabrina giving me a saucy smile!
 As employees we are all highly enthusiastic about cake and ice cream.

(L to R) Ivy, Nikita, Edward, Juan, Albert, Eric and Giuseppe
A belated Happy Birthday to all the March babies out there!

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