Monday, April 6, 2015

Jack has a Girlfriend

Jack (L) and Katniss
I looked out the window on Saturday, trying to keep an eye on my little boy who was playing outside... Okay, you caught me...YES... I caved.  Yes, Jack was outside again this weekend.  I mean, it was such a beautiful weekend and he had been grounded for a few days after the INCIDENT  (see my post of March 23rd).  What could I do?

Well, as I was saying, I looked out the window and what should I see?


I freaked out!

I was sure they were going to start a huge fight for territory!  We were on the brink of MAJOR WAR HERE!  Massive destruction!  Fur flying!  Kitty RAGE!

And then I noticed something peculiar.  Jack and the unknown kitty were just hanging out, enjoying each others' company.  Chillin'.


I took a second look and realized I recognized this little kitten.  She was introduced to me at Christmas, around the time she was first adopted.  Her name is Katniss and she belongs to a sweet couple who live on our street.

A closer view.  Jack is just chillin' and being muy macho
Katniss and Jack appear to have hit it off.  They were scampering around the  bushes and playing all afternoon.

They were just adorable to watch.

I couldn't get a better photo of Katniss, mainly because they were playing and moving around a whole lot, and she was a bit shy of me. However, she is a sweet little tortoiseshell kitty.

At one point she poked her head into the house to check us out.  She was very curious about us.

I think Jack enjoyed having a friend to play with.
Little Miss Katniss
Katniss is still mostly a kitten, and maybe in the neighborhood of six months old?

I'm looking forward to having other play dates.  I think Jack is, too!

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