Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Linger Longer Luncheon

The Pickering Ward members gather in the Cultural Hall for lunch
The Sunday before Easter our congregation (known as a Ward) had a lovely Linger Longer luncheon (say that fast three or four times!) immediately following the 3-hour block of worship services and Sunday School.

These luncheons are a lot of fun.  We get to visit and enjoy each others' company in a leisurely fashion.

Say, does that make it a Leisurely Lovely Linger Longer Luncheon?  (Yes.  I do crack myself up... You can groan here if you'd like.)

This luncheon was a SOUP-tacular!  There were all kinds of crock-pot soups, sandwiches, rolls and even some homemade tamales! Yum. 

I tried two different kinds of soup:  A potato chowder with bacon that was to die for, and a spicy soup with corn and chili beans that was also really tasty.  They were both rather thick, so it worked well in the same bowl.

My two soup choices were delicious!
It was so good!  The women of our ward are really good cooks!

Thanks, ladies!

Evangeline in the foreground, finding an empty table.  There was a large turn-out.

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