Friday, April 10, 2015

Waiting for the Baby

Linnea and Jeff
My exceptionally talented and beautiful niece Linnea is expecting her first child.  Any minute.  The little baby girl was actually due to make her appearance yesterday, April 9th.

She is late.

Linnea and her dashingly handsome husband, Jeff, took the above photo to announce their happy news. That was about six months ago now.  We're getting anxious to see this little one!

This is the photo (below) Linnea took of the students in the Physical Therapy Doctoral program at George Washington University.  Linnea announced her pregnancy and then snapped the photo.

The result was brilliant!

I love the look of joy on these faces!  (Papa Jeff is in the middle of the back row.)
Now we are still playing the waiting game.

Next week I should have some happy news!  Stay tuned!

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