Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Admin Luncheon

Sisters Veronica and Barbara waiting in the lobby
Our company does lots of nice things for employees.  Recently, the president of our company and our company's CFO took the marketing and admin ladies out to lunch.

Our company President, Jimmy
That was a lot of fun!

Our CFO, Juan
It's always nice to be taken to lunch, and it's even more fun because our gang always has a good time together.  We went to Marie Callenders' where I had a lovely slice of quiche and two salads.

My lunch!  Yum.
Sabrina ordered a pot pie.  I love that she always poses for me when I bring out the camera.

Sabrina with her lunch
There were seven of us who went.

We even got pie.

Chocolate Silk pie
We are lucky ducks, don't you think?

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