Monday, April 13, 2015

Fun Fundraiser

This is one of our beautiful Sister Missionaries, Sister Fatai, from New Zealand, holding the samples
The Young Women (ages 12-17) in our congregation are making Shamballa Bracelets and selling them as a fundraiser activity. They need quite a bit of money to get all their girls to camp this year, and they hope to make part of it by selling these colorful bracelets which they are making themselves.

I think this is a great idea.

The bracelets are fun and colorful and just perfect for summer.  They are completely adjustable. One size fits all.

Shamballa bracelets are Buddhist inspired jewelry and can be traced back to Tibetan Lore.  The Kingdom of Shambhala, is a mythical land where only those with high karma levels live. This land was thought to be within central Asia.

It’s usually believed that each bead signifies an individual’s sacred journey to harmony, fulfillment, consciousness, tranquility, diligence, thoughtfulness and mindfulness. Still other believe that the beads signify lessons in spiritual healing, joy, enlightenment, tranquility, peacefulness, intelligence and forgiveness.

In any event, every bead on the bracelet gets a unique meaning from the individuals that wear them. A bead might possibly describe what you have learned, a phase in life, an event or even a person you like that you wish to remember.
Here is what some of the colors are said to mean:
Black:  power, strength, grace and formality
White: purity, perfection, truth and fulfillment
Red: vitality and passion, bravery and honesty
Yellow: creativity, happiness and optimism
Green: Healing power, harmony, generosity and compassion
Blue: loyalty, inspiration and creativity
Violet: Kindness, selflessness, understanding and wisdom
Orange: enthusiasm, confidence and energy

I'm putting in my order soon.  If you are interested, email me for the details!

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