Thursday, July 31, 2014

Little Me

Posing by the Temple
My brother has been finding all these really old photographs and sending them to me the last couple of days.  Silly me, I couldn't resist posting these today!

We lived "Back East" when I was a pre-schooler.  These top two photos were taken on a summer vacation to Zion, better known as the great State of Utah.

A note on the back of this photo says that the cute dress I'm wearing was given to me by my mother's brother, my Uncle Knut.  Uncle Knut was very cool.  He had a jeep and would race around the Avenues of Salt Lake (in those days before seatbelts) making us squeal with equal amounts of terror and delight.

The Logan Temple looms in the background
I'm sitting on a wall in front of the LDS Logan Temple.  I remember the trip to Utah, but not this particular "photo shoot"!  Funny how that is.

I'm not positive if the photo below was taken the following winter, or the previous winter, but it's in there somewhere.

I'm posing in the King's Park in Oslo.

That coat is really stylin'.

Thanks, Jay, for bringing back so many fun memories!


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Linnea said...

Love the dress and the coat! You have always been so stylish.

colleen said...

You were an adorable little girl...still are;)

Wendy said...

Oh, absolutely Precious!!