Monday, July 21, 2014


Lucille's in Brea at 8:30 p.m. on a summer night
We picked a fine time to eat at Lucille's.

Okay, I couldn't resist a brief song reference.  I promise not to do it again.  Maybe.

Friday night I met up with a good friend to celebrate her birthday at a BBQ place called Lucille's. (There are other Southern California locations, they're just all equally far away from us.) I'd been to Lucille's before, but since it's located way over in Brea, I don't get there very often.

First of all, it took me nearly an hour and a half to drive over there from my office!  Yikes.  But once I got there, it was totally worth the drive.
Onion Straw "Haystack" with Chipotle Sauce
We began our meal with a 'Haystack' order of onion straws served with a mild Chipotle sauce. They were delicious, but perhaps a bit greasier than they should have been.  Oh, by the way, this was a "Half Order".  We took about half of that home with us.

Your Truly enjoying the ambiance
My friend has this thing about the camera stealing her soul or something, and refuses to be photographed for this blog, so I instead forced her to take a photo of me.  (By the way, I look exhausted because, after a long week at the office and an hour and a half drive to get to the restaurant - I WAS.)

But then dinner came and the angels sang and the world was wonderful again.

The Memphis Pulled Pork, with creamy Cheesy Grits
We didn't want to spend a lot of money, but there is a wide range of meal choices at Lucille's.

I decided to order something I wouldn't normally order, that was unique to Lucille's Southern Smokehouse cooking.  I opted for a Memphis Style Pulled Pork sandwich.  This featured a melt in your mouth pulled pork topped with coleslaw prepared with a mustardy dressing.  I couldn't have been happier.  It was delicious.  I added a bit of the house brand "hot and spicy" barbeque sauce and it was heaven.

For my choice of a side order, I debated over whether or not to choose sweet potato fries, barbeque beans or creamy cheesy grits.

Now, I spent a couple of years of my childhood in Tennessee where I developed an affinity for grits.  I opted for the grits and did not regret it one bit.  Or bite!

We're talking smooth cheesy goodness punctuated by mild and sweet green chilies.  It was a really, really good dish.

The beautiful bar area was packed
We sat and enjoyed our meals.

The charming decor makes you believe you're really Down South
Then we ordered dessert.

Don't judge.  After all, that's why we came.  We were there to claim my friend's free birthday dessert.

She chose Snickers Pie.  It came with a birthday candle.  She said it was delicious.

Happy Birthday Snickers Pie
I ordered the chocolate cake.  It was moist and full of chocolaty yumminess.

I managed about three bites before I asked for a take-home box!

Billed as Best Chocolate Cake - and it was!
We spent a leisurely time at Lucille's.  We had wonderful service.  I swear we had the sweetest and nicest waitress you could imagine.

When we left, we discovered there was a huge line of folks outside on the porch waiting for a table and I felt a bit embarrassed that we'd lingered over our food as long as we did.  But friends, when food is that seductive... well, ya just gotta enjoy it.

Y'all have a fine week ahead, ya hear?

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Linnea said...

Yum! And - that was a HALF order? Crazy!

Everything looks delicious, and you look great, Aunt Marianne!