Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visiting Ottawa, Canada

Little Miss Livia and her Grandfather
My brother and his family visited Canada this summer.  It's funny, you never really think of Canada as being "foreign".  At least I don't.  Yet one of the first things they mentioned was the fact you could immediately tell you were in a foreign country.  Interesting comment!

One of the joys of visiting Ottawa, Canada, was seeing the kids and grandkids, little Miss Livia (above) for instance, and little Master Fred.  They are both growing like weeds.

Little Miss Livia and her Grandmother
Ottawa is a beautiful city.  It is the capital of Canada and the fourth largest city in the country.  It is home to the impressive parliament buildings and has a high standard of living.
Chateau Laurier, a major hotel, dominates this streetscape
Although the Algonquin Indians and many trappers and early explorers had called Ottawa home, the city was actually founded in 1826, mainly because there was work being done on a canal in the vicinity.  The Rideau Canal was significant because it served and fostered the growth of a busy timber industry.

Timber would be transported along the river from the Ottawa Valley to Quebec City.

One of the Rideau Canal Locks
Today, Ottawa is an impressive, modern city.

I think it's quite beautiful!

In front of Parliament
Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy.  That means they have a Prime Minister and democratic elections, but Queen Elizabeth II of England is technically the head of state.

If you didn't remember that from school, you just have to take one look at soldiers on parade in the photos above and below.
The parade halts traffic for a while
Ottawa is an interesting city.  You only have to cross one of its three rivers to be in a completely French speaking neighborhood.

Linnea, Christian and my dear sister-in-law, Kirsti
Canada is one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

St. Patrick's Basilica
Ottawa has a rich cultural heritage.

But you can only sight-see so much before you have to go for a burger.

Dinner anyone?
There is lots of beautiful architecture!

Looks like you could do lots of walking.

Lots. Of. Walking.

The average temperature in the summer rarely goes about 80 degrees F.  That sounds great to me! The winters, however, are COLD.


Very, very cold.
I believe this is a museum near the government buildings.
Ottawa has a diverse ethnic population.
The flower market
I think my family enjoyed visiting there very much.

Chateau Laurier
Of course, family had as much (or more) to do with their having a great time, as actually being in Canada did!
Fred enjoying some time with his grandparents!
Fred, by the way, just lost his first tooth yesterday.  It is quite a milestone in his young life!

I wish I knew better what all these buildings are.  But I don't.  I just think the architecture is cool.

Boats on the river
More cool architecture...

I love this building, especially the curving stairway
I'd like to visit Ottawa someday.

Preferably in the summertime, eh!
Fred and his Uncle Christian by the Parliament building
I love being an armchair tourist.  Hope you do too.  Thanks for visiting!

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