Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vacationing in London

My friends Angelica and Glenn
It seems like so many of my friends and relatives are vacationing abroad this summer!  I'm lucky that my friends Glenn and Angie let me post their photos from their fun vacation to Europe.  This holiday marks their 25th wedding anniversary!

A rather terrific way to spend an anniversary, I say.

Or, as the Brits say: Brilliant!

The colorful changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
Of course, no visit to London is complete without seeing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace!
Buckingham Palace
If you squint you can just see Queen Elizabeth waving from the window on the left.


On the roof of St.Paul's Cathedral
I've been to St. Paul's cathedral, but never ventured up the gazillion stairs to the roof.  What a spectacular view!

I love this ceiling at St. Paul's
St. Paul's was patterned after St. Peter's in Rome.  It's amazing.  I love Glenn's shot of the ceiling. 

A Panoramic view of London from the top of St. Paul's
London is a great city, with so many places to explore.
Angie enjoying her fish and chips
It's funny how we Americans always need to have some fish and chips when we visit.  I love that you can see the bottle of vinegar on the table (next to the ketchup)!  That's a British thing I love - forget the tartar sauce, you have to put malt vinegar on your fish!
On the top of a double decker bus
The view from the top of a double-decker bus in the twilight is great.  The other passengers don't look so happy to be photographed, though!  Ha.

Once playing at the Phoenix Theatre
My friends enjoyed the theatre, and took the Princess Diana Memorial Walk.
The Princess of Wales Memorial Walk
I didn't know they had a Memorial Walk.

The ubiquitous Red Call Box is slowly becoming a rarity
Call Boxes are not as common as they once were.  I love that they were able to get a photo of one!

Westminster Abbey
"Westminster Abbey, the Tower of Big Ben, the rosey-red cheeks of the little children..."
Name that song quote.

Big Ben and the London Eye in the background
There is nothing to compare with the Poet's Corner of Westminster Abbey.  Everywhere you go in London you touch history.

Here (Below) you see Tower Bridge.  If you recall, the actual London Bridge, made famous by the song: London Bridge is falling down, is in Arizona now.

Yes.  The world is a crazy place.

Tower Bridge
I hope you enjoyed this jaunt to London.

Have a great day!

Photos by G. Heap

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