Thursday, March 27, 2014

Relief Society Birthday

There was a very good turn-out for this fun evening
Every year the Relief Society celebrates its birthday in March with a dinner and a special program.  From my guess, this has been going on since 1842 when it all began.

Our Pickering Ward Relief Society celebrated this year by holding not just a dinner, but a talent show, featuring the talents of the lovely women in our congregation.

Watching the performers
We are a talented bunch!

Enjoying each other's company
 We had a delightful light dinner and some good conversation.

Sister Mariner singing a Bob Marley tune
She did a beautiful job.
 The talent show part of the evening showcased a very wide range of talents.

Karina and Keyla dancing
Mother and daughter rocking the house
 There was some singing, a few dance routines, and all kinds of displays.

Deonne's art work in pastels
(You can see a glimpse of one of my paintings in the back on the left)
 It's rather amazing all the things our friends and neighbors can do!

More of the display of talents - sewing and music
I'm not sure, but I think these are Ellen's, too.
I was proud of Ellen for playing. I don't get to hear her play very often any more.  I was too chicken to play a solo.  However, the congregation gets to hear me every Sunday, as I'm the church organist.

Does that count?
Ellen plays a solo
I thought perhaps Evangeline would play something as well.  She is also a talented pianist.  However, she chose to do a reading.  She had a lot of funny, and pithy, things to share.

Evangeline does a reading
 I really had an enjoyable time watching my sisters display their many talents.

Some of my artwork and novels on display
I admire people who can sew, crochet and quilt.  Those things are not my talents!

Andy gave a little talk about Talents.  She mentioned that everyone has talents.  Some talents aren't showy. They may be something simple, like being able to say the right thing, having a listening ear, or always being cheerful.

Andy speaks on the subject of Talents
Among her many talents, my mom had a talent for keeping a perfectly clean house, for example.  This is a talent I did not inherit.

I've already chronicled how we were treated to a belly dance routine (see my post of Thursday, March 20th).

The lady missionaries also performed a musical number.
The Sister Missionaries perform a musical number
We were also treated to a Tongan hula.

Another of the Mariner girls performs a sultry Tongan hula
It was an eclectic program, to be sure!  I tried to get photos of everyone who participated, but I may have left someone out.  If I did, please forgive me, it was by accident, not design.  I had a really fun time.

What an enjoyable evening with my sisters.

Thanks to all of you for sharing all your wonderful talents.  I'm lucky to associate with you.

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