Friday, March 14, 2014

How's Your Perspective?

This is Chief.
Chief and his adopted sister Luna are rescues.  They were lucky - and I mean really LUCKY - to find a forever home with my former roommate, Meldee.  Meldee is an animal lover and a really good cat mom.  I bet Luna and Chief both pinch themselves at night, knowing that they ended up in such a loving environment.

As with anything in life, our attitude towards what happens to us makes a lot of difference.  Chief, for example, looks at the world with a wide-eyed innocence.  He is ever hopeful about the future.

Maybe there's a treat just around the corner, Chief thinks.  

This is Luna.
!anuL m'I ,iH
Luna has a different perspective.  Not wrong, just different.

She's a happy little girl, too... and the world looks PRETTY FUNNY upside down!

Now you know what Chief is looking at.

Chief gives everything the wide-eyed once over
Hope your perspective is a positive one!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  Thanks for visiting my world.


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