Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Girls Will Be Girls

Those classic 'Grown Up Lady' Shoes
What little girl hasn't tried on her mommy's shoes and played 'grown-up'?  I know I did as a child.

Next question: Do you remember our little Bianca?  She's the baby girl whose birth was chronicled on these pages two years ago.

"TWO YEARS?" you may ask!  Yes.  It's really been that long.  Our little princess will turn two next month. That's old enough to be sneaking on her mommy's shoes ...

That look says it all!  Will I be in trouble for this?
You are never too little to want to be a fine lady.  Bianca poses quite beautifully for the camera.

I guess she didn't get in trouble, after all!

Our little model, the beautiful Bianca

Watch out, mom!  In the blink of an eye she'll be all grown up for real and wanting these:

I couldn't resist posting this photo...
Christian Louboutin is to shoes what Mozart is to music
Yes.  It's inevitable.  Brace  yourself.


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