Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An Irish B & B

Pearse Lodge B&B

With it being St. Patrick's day yesterday, it seems only fitting that we post a little more about the lovely emerald isle, Ireland.

This is about the Bed & Breakfast establishments of Ireland.

If you've never stayed at a B&B... well, let's just say you haven't truly experienced a far away place properly.  A B&B gives you a bit of local color in a way very different from staying in a hotel.

Kathy taking a photo of the quaint B&B
This B&B was either in Sligo itself or in County Sligo... or close to it.

Yes, that's me.  So precise.  It's a lovely place, though.

The rooms were quaint
Quaint and comfortable is how I'd describe most B&Bs.

Lisa really loved the door handles and old-fashioned keys.  She had to take a photo of this for us!

Here's the door to their room.

A room named Hazel

Here are the keys to the room named Hazel.

I have never met a room named Hazel before.
The keys
Well, now we have.

That's what you get with a B&B.  Named rooms instead of numbers.  It's more homey, don't you think?

The keys in the door
I hope you had a delightful  St. Patrick's Day!  We Americans have rather made St. Patty's day our own, you know.  We celebrate quite enthusiastically!

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