Friday, March 28, 2014

My Hockey Player

Jack "playing"  with a shoelace
This is my cat Jack.  

He really loves to play with these spring thingeys (see below).  They are his favorite toy.  Jack's Aunts, Jackie and Maura, gave him a bunch of these when he was little.  They started it!.  We've since had to buy more. 


Jack plays hockey with these things.  Then they mysteriously disappear. There must be a hundred or more of these things hidden all over the house.  We've been spring-less for a while now, because he's already squirreled away all the ones he got for Christmas.

I've always joked about the fact that when we eventually move, we'll find them under every surface in the house.

Recently... well, make that all this week - plumbers have been tearing my place apart.  We're getting copper piping and all new plumbing.  That's a good thing.

However, the mess is incredible.  It's starting to wear me down, man.

Jack, on the other hand, has been having incredible fun, mainly because his springs have been mysteriously resurfacing.

I came home one day to find about 10 of them scattered throughout the living room.  Jack was in the middle of the floor batting them around like crazy.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Jeannette Rook said...

Love cats they are great if someone has PTSD. My husband suffers from PTSD FROM MANY TOURS TO IRAQ and his friend is a cat name Sanchez his name means a gift from GOD