Friday, March 21, 2014

Jack's Brothers

Leo and Piper chilling with their daddy
Jack, the cat, comes from a very nice family of three brothers and a sister.  Their little sister Lucky lives up in North Hills with a whole bunch of other adopted cat kids.  Jack's two brothers live in Torrance with an older adopted brother named Nimitz.

I was able to visit with my little Jack's siblings recently.  I found both Leo (the grey and white cat on top) and Piper (the black and white farther down) are doing very well.

They are a very chill, California family.

The boys, when they aren't getting into LOTS of trouble, are content to hang out with their human dad watching TV and playing video games.

When I got home from my visit, I told Jack that his brothers are doing very well and that they said Hi!  He was happy to know that everyone was doing fine.

Leo and Piper still chilling with their daddy
Hope you are also doing fine.

Jack and I are doing great, too.

My Jack, playing with a shoelace

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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