Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Office Christmas Party

I saw Snoopy kissing Veronica at the company Christmas party!
Saturday marked our big company Christmas bash.  This year it was a luncheon at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel in Anaheim, California.  Each employee got a lovely luncheon and a ticket to spend the day at the theme park. Everyone brought their families.  It was a lot of fun!

There were Victorian Christmas Carolers to entertain us throughout our yummy luncheon.  They strolled from table to table taking requests.  I really enjoyed their singing, too.  Nice voices and great arrangements of all kinds of Christmas music, secular and sacred.

Carmen and her family with the Carolers
My friend Sahrina occasionally leaves me drawings and notes on my desk.  I tried getting a good photo of her, but even with her daddy's help, she was being awfully wiggly!

First we tried it this way...
 And then we tried it that way....
 Well, you get the idea.  Sahrina is adorable.

Some of our engineers and their friends and family
 The big room was filled to capacity.  It was nice having the children there.  Everyone was dressed casually because they were also going to the park. I think it made everyone more relaxed.

Engineers and planners enjoying the day
We were on the ninth floor with a fabulous view.
This is Jimmy, the president of our company, and his lovely wife
The food was delicious and the service was great, considering what a huge group we were!
My friends Gerry, Ulysses, Bianca and Barbara
We did a lot of mingling...and eating...
Dodds was taking photos in the background
In the foreground, Barbara chats with Emma and her sweet daughter, Ava

Each table was beautifully set.

Here we see Bruce with his family, and Charlie with his family

All the kids were given a gift bag as they came in.  The gift bags contained a few simple things in them (pencil boxes and small toys), but they were a huge hit!

My friend Aaron
I know these events are boring for kids, but it was still fun to see them.

My friend Ava
I really do love these kids.  I've watched them grow up.

Bianca just hanging out with D.J.
Bianca is only a year and a half old.  She was everywhere!  All you'd see was a streak of pink and two bobbing pigtails!  What a character.  She and D.J. found they had a lot in common.

Bianca hanging with Carmen and her girls, Adriana and Angelica

Edward and his family

The Corporate Marketing ladies, Emma and Sabrina with Ava and John
There was a very brief program.

Jimmy, our President
Jimmy handed out the 5 year awards (I got one! I will have been with the company 6 years in January) and he also led us in a toast (with sparkling cider) to our continued success as a company.

There were also door prizes!  (And no, I didn't win one!)

CFO Juan and his lovely wife

Snoopy was just a lot of fun to have in attendance.  The kids just loved him.  Snoopy also helped hand out the door prizes and pretty much got hugged by all the kids.  Bianca loved him!

Bianca and her mommy with Snoopy
Snoopy was so patient with all the little ones.  Good doggy!
Ava and Snoopy

Snoopy and Hilary

Jonathan getting a Snoopy-sized hug.

Juan's little kiddles enjoying some Snoopy time

Emmy, Ulysses, Bianca and Noah with a very sweet and patient Snoopy

This was such a fun event!  I truly enjoyed it.

Photos courtesy D. Rivera and me!

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