Friday, December 13, 2013

Hummingbirds Around the Christmas Tree!

No!  Don't go towards the light!

We have several Hummingbird families who live in a large tree across the street.  They come visit our apartment courtyard on a regular basis because my neighbors have a Hummingbird feeder which they keep stocked.  We also have some nice wildflowers and bushes.  

Hummingbirds like us.  They are quite tame and will fly quite close if you stand still on our porch in the early evening.

Hey!  Look, Marge, it's a Christmas Tree!
One day last week the local Hummingbirds decided to check out my neighbors' Christmas tree!  They just flew right in through the open door.  It was pretty amazing.  It looks like it was a little fellow and his mate.

It delighted my neighbors!  Ray grabbed his camera and did his best to photograph these guys, who wouldn't stop moving for him to get a good shot of them.

But you get the idea!

I really love these birds.  When food gets low, they fly up to Ray and cuss him out heartily in Hummingbird language.  Cheeky little guys.

Ray gets a kick out of this, and I don't blame him!

They are funny and full of personality.

These two little ones liked the ambiance over at the neighbors and didn't want to leave again! After all, all the Christmas decorations were up and it looked lovely. These little birds are so small and fragile that no one knew exactly how to coax them out into the garden again.

Solution?  They finally turned out the lights.

It worked.  Once the house got dark, they flew back outside through the open door.

Pretty fun visit, though, wouldn't you say?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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