Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Post Prandial Thanksgiving Report #1

This photo has really nothing to do with this post, but the cat was so adorable I couldn't help myself.
I'd give credit to the photographer, but I don't know where I got this.
My coworker, Joel, is quite the gourmet cook.  He goes all out for Thanksgiving each year.  This process involves quite a bit of planning, scouring recipes for the perfect, or at least interesting, new dishes to try.

Joel in his office
He chooses what he's going to prepare carefully, then spends at least a day shopping, as well as a full day in kitchen prep work before the actual day of feasting.

This year he was kind enough to share some photos of his side dishes.  I keep telling him he belongs on the Food Network!

How about this salad?  It's a Mediterranean-Style Edamame Salad with toasted walnuts, rosemary and Parmigiano cheese.

Then there's the stuffing.  This looks good!  Joel says it contains artichoke hearts, garlic, celery, rosemary, mushrooms, Parmigiano cheese, onions and seasonings.

I had a roommate who would make a truly delicious chestnut stuffing every year for Thanksgiving.  I got so that I associated the chestnuts with her and the whole Thanksgiving experience.  Do you have a favorite stuffing?

These lentils (below) are baked with turkey kielbasa, carrots, celery, onion and thyme.  Can you say "YUMMY"?  I also think this dish could have been an entire meal in and of itself!

When Joel sent me these photos, he still had the turkey in the oven.  He added that there would also be Brussels Sprouts, Chipotle corn mashed potatoes and steamed rice.


The whole concept of Chipotle corn mashed potatoes sounds really intriguing.

So, how was your Thanksgiving feast?

Stay tuned for the report on my Thanksgiving - coming up tomorrow!

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