Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow Angels!

My nephew and his college chums
As my brother says, "Ah, to be young and insane".   My nephew and his friends in Provo, Utah found they couldn't resist throwing on their swimsuits and making snow angels on Tuesday in the first big snow of the season.

I think I could resist the urge to do that with no problem at all.  Ha!

Tuesday marked a big snow day in Salt Lake City.  A powerful snow storm hit early in the morning leaving lots of car accidents in its wake.
The view from a downtown office building
After the snow, the temperatures dropped.  Wednesday it was about 11 degrees in the morning. Brrrr.

Well, I'm sitting here in my comfortable office, happily reporting no snow here in the greater Los Angeles area!  It's a bone-chilling 57 degrees or so today.  The locals have brought out their heavy coats.

Yeah.  I know.  These things are totally a matter of perspective, aren't they?

I hope wherever you are that you are comfy and safe and enjoying this wonderful time of year!

Send me photos of your snow angels and I'll post them, too!

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