Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh, Canada!

Just when you thought it was cold where you live...

Is it a terrorist?

Or a bank robber?

Maybe a Ninja?


Surprise.  It's my nephew Daniel, in Ottawa, Canada dressed for walking to work.  When you live in Canada you dress very warmly for that walk to work!

Daniel also quite kindly took some photos on his walk that I find very interesting and beautiful.

As I've mentioned before in this blog, Ottawa sits right at the confluence of three rivers.  I have no idea which river this is, but it's a rather beautiful site all snowed over.

Winter Wonderland

Daniel writes that they restrict some sidewalks to be able to keep them safe for pedestrians when the weather is particularly snowy.  Looks like this Pieton is ignoring the sign!

Pedestrians: Use the Other Sidewalk!  Hey you there!  Stop!  You're taking your life in your hands!
Just kidding.

As much as I'd hate to live in this and deal with it every day, I have to admit it's absolutely gorgeous

This is the river just starting to freeze
Nearby Gatineau Park is a lovely destination for a family outing, even in winter.  I think it has a special charm in the winter, don't you?  I'll bet it's glorious in Summer, too!

Holly with little Livia in Gatineau Park

Fred and Livia enjoying their walk

Fred!  Get out of that puddle!

"Watch out, Daddy!  I've got snow!"

This is an idyllic winter scene, n'est-ce pas?
Or, as the Norwegians would say it: ikke sant?

"Whoa!  Daddy, I've still got snow!"
I don't know, Daniel.  I think I'd worry about a 4-year-old who keeps picking up balls of snow!  Watch out for that snowball fight.  It's coming!

The river meanders through the woods, in the meantime, oblivious to the brewing snowball fight.

Oh well.  Time to go home.  We'll do that snowball fight later - in our own yard, maybe.
Time to go home
After all, there's plenty of ammunition there at home!
Remember that delightful yard?  It's now snowed under!
Thanks for taking a walk in Ottawa with us!  Have a great day!

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