Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Murder in Dry Gulch!

The gang's all here!  Welcome to Dry Gulch.
A couple of Saturdays ago a small group of us gathered at the saloon in Dry Gulch, Nevada, also known as Peg's condo in Burbank!   There we participated in a diabolical murder mystery that was to take all our cunning and skill to unravel.  It was truly a sordid tale of stolen gold, deceit, passion and murder most foul.

Here is our hostess Peggy dressed up as Patience, the School Marm.  Patience was not as innocent as she appeared!

Our Hostess
George portrayed Doc, the drunken, disheveled town doctor.  Was he the murderer?  We had to dig deep to ferret the truth!

The entertainer at the Dry Gulch Saloon, a song and dance man named Bi Bi Gunn, was also a suspect.  It was his derringer that fired the shot that killed the Sheriff.

Did he murder the Sheriff?

Mr. Bibi Gunn was portrayed by Ray
Ray says I need to watch out, because he usually charges folks to take pictures of him!  He's an actor/model, you know, and I think he's being funny - for now.  I see I'll have to get all my photos of him taken before he becomes rich and famous.

I should start by taking better pictures!  I apologize, these were all (except the first one above) taken on the fly with my cell phone. 

Patrik starred as Juan Bandito
Juan Bandito was an unscrupulous murderer who had stolen gold in his possession.  Was that his motive for killing the Sheriff?

Juan Bandito and Rowdy Azell lounging in the parlor
Brian played Rowdy, the gambling man.  In Act 3, we discover Rowdy is actually my unscrupulous and conniving husband!


That news surprised us both!

Brian played con man Skip Forth, aka gambler Rowdy Azell
So, who shot the Sheriff?

Hmmmm.... do I tell you, or not?

I did!

And I got away with it and all the gold, too!


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Thanks, Marianne! Sorry you couldn't get my pictures.