Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Post Prandial Report #2 - My Thanksgiving

My neighbor George
I think he should use this photo for the book jacket of his cookbook... when he writes one!
I have great neighbors whom I have known for years.  They take pity on me, and feed me on a regular basis, for which I am truly grateful!  It's nice to have good people next door.

This year's Thanksgiving feast with them was really scrumptious!

Beautiful table
See?  What did I tell you?  Their table looks very much like the one I posted last week, doesn't it? Everything was so lovely

At some point, George hauled me into the kitchen.  "If you're going to take a picture of the turkey, do it now!", he exclaimed.  "I'm carving it up in a minute."

So I did.

Beautiful turkey!
George is one of those guys who knows how to carve a turkey perfectly.  The pieces are uniform and perfect.  He's got to give lessons!

The cooks at work
Ray helped out in the kitchen as sous-chef.  He did a mean green bean stir-fry.

Ray tossing green beans
The candles and autumn leaves were simple, yet elegant table decorations.
Beautiful table accents
I think a beautiful table setting just makes everything taste even more delicious, don't you?

Jean was embarrassed when I announced I was taking her photo, but she didn't say no!  She's a great lady.

Jean watching TV
There were little canapes for us, as appetizers.  Bruschetta with goat cheese and lemon zest.  Really tasty!

Watching Santa Claus 2
After our meal, we watched Santa Claus 2.  George had trouble staying awake.  He'd already had a very long day!
Our chief cook falling asleep!
Then we had dessert!
Ray's beautiful friend
Dessert was a pumpkin tart that was truly delicious!  It was topped by a pumpkin seed brickle and whipped cream.  I really enjoyed it!
Pumpkin Tart
What a lovely day, and a lovely meal.

I have so many things to be thankful for!

Hope your holiday was as lovely!

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