Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Visiting Yanji, China

Statue of Confucius near the border
This is the third installment in our visit to Yanji.  Yanji is a large bustling city in the northeast of China, not far from the North Korean border.
Busy Streets of Yanji
My nephew Daniel wandered the streets, taking pictures so he could share with us.  I think that's great!  It's like we get to visit Yanji, too!
Daniel said he just took random pictures as he went walking around.  Being blond and blue-eyed, he's very much a foreigner in these places, yet he speaks fluent Chinese and Korean.
Colorful Streets of Yanji
 Daniel stayed at an opulent Western style hotel.
The hotel was impressive
Daniel writes that although the hotel lobby was very beautiful, the fine looking decorations were mostly made of plastic
The hotel's fancy dress shop
 Western Style wedding attire was for sale at the hotel's fancy dress shop.
The lobby as seen from the balcony

Another shot of the lobby

A nice, upscale neighborhood

The youth of the world in their uniforms of jeans and tee-shirts

Men playing Chinese Chess on the ground
Here is another Chinese Chess game being played.  According to Daniel, the men were grunting loudly and really getting into their game, oblivious to the crowd watching.

Yanji seems like a colorful place to visit! Thanks, Daniel, for sharing!

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