Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Work Moves Onward

Lizbeth and her husband Eduardo, their family and the Elders
 Elder Nils keeps baptizing folks in Acapulco!

Recently he wrote:
This week was one of those weeks that just makes you never want to leave the mission field.  OK.  I feel like I say that to my comp every week, but this week felt even more so.
Christian, his family and the Elders

First, Lizbeth, a lady they have been teaching, was baptized by her husband, Eduardo.

Next, a young man named Christian asked to be baptized.  He has two cousins who are LDS, and has been taking lessons from our young men, Elder Nils and Elder Parra.

It's so nice to see these beautiful families that Nils is teaching.

As they used to say in the 70s, "Keep On Tracting!"

Elder Nils has recently been transferred, so stay tuned for more on his new area, coming soon!

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