Friday, September 7, 2012

She Loves Minnie!

Minnie and Bianca
Daddy went to the Disney store and bought Bianca a Minnie Mouse doll.  The little dolls were just not good enough for his baby girl.  So, he got the big one.

I think Minnie is bigger than Bianca!  It's not hard to be bigger than Bianca. She may be pushing 5 months old, but she is tiny for her age.  (The babies in our family tend to be heifers in comparison.)

Bianca really likes Minnie Mouse.  Her favorite TV show features Mickey and Minnie on the Disney channel.  When she sees them on the screen, her whole little body gets filled with excitement!
Posing for the camera
I like Minnie, too.  I mean, Mickey and Minnie have one of those Hollywood Romances that has lasted for nearly a century.  You have to admit that's pretty remarkable!

And I like Minnie's style.  She's quite the fashionista!

Bianca is too.  She recently had her ears pierced, so she is really hip, and that pink bow is stylin'. I think they look very cute together.
This has been a little moment of "Awwwwww" to help you get through another day!

Bye, Minnie!  Bye-bye, Bianca!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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