Friday, September 14, 2012

Sneaky Puss

Hmmmm.... there's something strange about that window blind!

Oh Hi.

Jack is hampered only by our rain-spotted windows.  We've only gotten enough rain in the past few days to muddy up the whole car and the house windows, not enough to wash them clean.  Where is the justice in this?

As I'm thinking this, Jack is trying to ignore me.  He doesn't want the neighbors to know that his mommy knows his secret special super dooper sneaky place.

"Jack!  What are you up to?," I ask.
I'm not doing nuthin', Mom.

Really, mother.  I'm innocent of any wrong doing.

Even if  I could think of a few things to do right now this very minute...
"Don't you shred that embroidered heart, Jack!"

"Yes, Ma'am."

I finally figure out that Jack likes to watch the humming birds out his special window.  The humming bird feeder is hanging outside, right above this spot.
Shhhh!  Don't bother me!
I've tried moving the blinds out of the way, but Jack prefers sneaking around them.  Seriously.  I think it adds to the general sneakiness of sitting on his special chair.  I try moving them, and he moves them back.  Obviously, I don't know anything about cool sneaky places.  I apologize.
I'm doing top secret spy stuff!
Jack is careful not to use his claws on the blind, which I appreciate.  This is currently his favorite spot in the house.

MOM!  Are you still there?  I'm playing!

"Okay, Jack.  I'll leave you alone.  Have a good time watching the birds!  Stay out of trouble, okay?"

"'K bye."

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