Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Anniversary

My Guy Jack
Today is a special anniversary!  It's the anniversary of the day Jack came to live with me.

My sweetheart
It was 5 years ago today that I brought him home from the ladies that had rescued him and his siblings from certain death on the mean streets.
Always up for a game
After five years, we've finally hit a comfortable stride.  We get along well, know each other's quirks (at least he knows mine TOO WELL!), and rub along happily.
Sometimes Jack is a bit of a brat
Like all cats, Jack has his ideas about how our lives should be.  That's okay.  He's also very kind and patient with me.
He's my snuggle bunny, too... sometimes
 He is getting better at being a lap cat.  We're working on that!
My Cutie-pie
He's fun to play with and has a very cute, floofy tummy.  I tease him about that, but I love tickling his floooooooffffffyy tummy.
My little furry hero
In other words, Jack is a great companion.  I'm glad he's in my life.  I think everyone deserves a little furry companion.  Rescue cats rock.

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