Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Postcard from Oregon

My lovely friend Desiree surprised me with these colorful shots the other day!  Above you see a "volunteer" Sunflower.  Desiree says she suspects the little neighborhood squirrel gardeners have been busy and planted this sunflower right in the middle of her bean bushes!

That makes me laugh.

I'll bet they thought the bean bushes could use a little color!

Behind the Sunflower you can catch a glimpse of her other flowers: Calendula, Bellflower, Larkspur, Baby Blue Eyes, and Bachelor Buttons.

Here (below) we have a beautiful shot of the Willamette River Park.  Desiree writes, "I found a quiet little park on the Willamette River just above Oregon City, at the end of the Oregon trail".

These navigable waters were used to haul goods to market, and to irrigate the agricultural fields in the surrounding valleys.  Just north of this spot you can find the route that Lewis and Clark took along the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean.

It's an area of rich history.

Desiree writes, "This is the part of America I love; our natural landscapes are gorgeous!"

Yes, they are.

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