Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Elephant Bar

My patriotic friend Lauri
My friend Lauri and I decided to go out to lunch on the 4th of July.  We were shooting for steaks at the North Woods Inn, but when we got there, we discovered it was closed!

Why, the nerve of those guys!  What did they think it was - a holiday or something?

North Woods Inn is a fun place to eat
Then we realized that, although the North Woods Inn was closed, there was an open Elephant Bar restaurant next door.  We'd already driven over to La Mirada, so we decided to try it.

The Elephant Bar is a chain restaurant, so you might have already eaten there.  It takes me a while to catch up.

The place was busy - but mostly because there was a short staff on board that day, being a holiday. We got a charming - i.e. young, tall, and handsome! - waiter who was a delight and very friendly. He really helped make the afternoon a pleasant one.  

First up, was the Parmesan encrusted green beans appetizer.

Parmesan encrusted green beans - Before
We made short work of that dish!
Parmesan encrusted green beans - After
There were lots of yummy dishes on the menu, but we had gotten our tastebuds up for steak, and that's what we both ordered.

Mine was nicely cooked with a side veggies
Lauri got the same with a side salad.

It was all really lovely!

Servers in motion!
We spent such a pleasant afternoon here.  We told the waiter we were in no hurry and to take his time.   Then we just sat and ate and talked and ate and talked and enjoyed our time there.
The bar itself
Next time I'm going back for one of the shrimp dishes!

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