Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Veronica's Baby Shower

Our beautiful Co-Worker Veronica
My co-workers got together recently for a company luncheon and baby shower for Veronica and her baby Mia who is arriving in a few weeks.

It was a lot of fun!

The cake featured Veronica's sister Barbara's artwork.  I thought it was really cute!
One half of the cake was filled with Guava jam, the other side with Raspberry filling!

This was my first co-ed baby shower.  I discovered that guys, especially engineers, can get pretty funny under these circumstances!

Guessing the chocolate flavors!
One of the games we played was guessing the chocolate flavor - the catch was that each candy bar to be identified was mashed and presented in a small baby diaper.

The silliest game was the funniest!
These guys, of course, had no qualms about tasting it - much to the delight of onlookers (like Ivy and Giuseppe, below!)

Albert taste-testing the diaper contents
 Hilarity ensued.
Caucus in the corner on chocolate flavors!
It's funny how off-putting chocolate can be when presented in a baby diaper!  We couldn't stop laughing.  It was a very funny game.
Here Veronica is cracking up over Anthony's approach to the quiz
I think Anthony (above) won.  Winning was irrelevant in this case.  It was just darn funny.

That Friday was a Manager's Meeting, so we were joined by our President and CEO (Jimmy, above and below, in the blue shirt), and various company-wide upper management who don't work at our facility.

Digging in!  The food was very good!
The company brought in lunch from a local Mexican Delicatessen.  It was really good - enchiladas and red chili, tortillas, rice and beans.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.
Barbara stands with her camera at the ready!
The Los Angeles conference room has never been pressed into Baby Shower duty before!

Say Cheese everyone!  Everyone?  They ignored me - the food was too good.

Carmen, Ana and Barbara enjoying lunch

Giuseppe, Nikita, Carlos, and Mengzhao
As you can tell by our names, we are an international bunch.

Shirley, Juan, Dodds Kenneth and Stephen
I didn't realize I'd caught Veronica's baby bump in the picture (above) until just now!  It won't be long now!
Stephen won the door prize.  His own little son was born just before Christmas
Finally, Veronica began opening gifts.  The company had taken up a cash collection to help her and her husband get needed big ticket items.  However, there were also a few fun presents to open.
Veronica is under there somewhere!
That big pink basket came from Carmen, our receptionist.  Beautiful, huh?

The classic Baby Shower Show and Tell
It's great the way people light up around pregnant women and new babies.  There is just a special feeling in the air - that anticipation of new life, a perpetuation of the species, call it what you will. It's delightful and energizing and lovely.

How fun to share this time with friendly co-workers.

I can't wait for Mia to be born!

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