Monday, July 27, 2015

Sheree's Baby Shower

The house was beautifully decorated for the shower!
I've known Sheree since she was an adorable little blonde two-year-old running around the church house of the Pickering Ward in Whittier, where I live.  She grew up into a beautiful young woman, seemingly overnight - and married a really great guy.

They are currently in the process of living happily ever after.

A couple of Saturdays ago I was invited to a baby shower for Sheree.  She's having a girl, so everything was appropriately decorated in PINK.

The patio was beautifully decorated and filled with food - and gifts for the new baby
It was one of those rare days in Southern California where it threatens to rain.  The remnants of Hurricane Dolores was sliding up from the south and we weren't sure if we were going to get any moisture or not out of it, but the day started out gloomy and filled with ominous clouds.  Those kind of days don't come often (in fact we have barely had any in the past 3-4 years), so instead of being sad about the rain interfering with the shower (which sounds funny now that I write it), everyone there was overjoyed and very happy about it.

We sat under two huge tarp tents and were very comfy, even when we heard occasional rainy drippy drops thumping against the tent roofs.

It was lovely to hear some rain - and it didn't dampen our spirits at all.

The Loot!
The setting could not have been more pleasant.  We were treated to an excellent lunch.  There was chicken Alfredo pasta and a pasta dish with an Arrabiata sauce, plenty of fruit and salad and rolls. Every thing I tried... and I tried it all!... was delicious.

One of Sheree's little nieces helped with the food set-up
There were so many women there!  I knew maybe half of them, if that.  It was nice to see the support this young couple got for this new adventure in their lives.

At first we were shy about getting something to eat... that didn't last

Sheree's dad (center) enjoying the festivities along with other family members
I think they make the cutest couple.

Sheree and Nathan
Sheree always looks glamorous.  I dare anyone to be nearly 9 months pregnant and look this good! (The baby is due at the end of August)

Nathan finally pulled up a chair to watch Sheree open gifts.  That's her brother sitting on the ground next to him. (Her brother is a skilled photographer - you should probably be seeing his photos of this event rather than mine!)

Sheree's sister (in green on the left) records the gifts while her Mom, (in orange on the far right) watches
I don't think I captured half of the attendees with my lens.

But I tried.

This little girl is going to have some adorable things to wear!
My friend Kimmy
Nathan tries a hand at opening one of the bigger gifts

Not bad!
The sky had been threatening - and sprinkling on us - all through the morning.  By the time the shower began to break up, around 3 pm, it finally started raining in earnest.

The dark rain clouds above us
We still were able to manage a couple of the silly, obligatory games... I won a candy bar for my efforts!

Playing a silly baby-oriented Candy Game
Some ladies from my ward made it.  I should have gotten a better photo of them!  Oops.

I believe this is one of Sheree's Aunts in the foreground
Every table had a cute centerpiece
What a fun afternoon.  I returned home that day in a very good mood.  Once the shower was over, the rain began in earnest.  It rained gently for the remainder of the day.  It was truly lovely.

I can't wait to meet this little girl when she comes into the world.  It won't be long now!


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