Thursday, July 16, 2015

Car Show at the Mall

Vintage Mustang on Display at Ruby's
Over the 4th of July weekend, I went to lunch with a friend at Ruby's diner.  After all, what's more American than hamburgers and milkshakes?

To our delight, there was a car show just starting to set up for the long holiday weekend.  There was a beautiful red Ford Mustang out front of the diner to greet us.

I love Ford Mustangs, but seriously, are these considered vintage now?

Then, oh my - I'm vintage too!

Ruby's was not as busy as I had expected.  We had a great lunch with a friendly and efficient wait staff, and were able to sit and gab for a long time.

Ruby's was quiet on July 3rd
When we left, we took a minute to look at the other vehicles that were in the Whittwood Mall parking lot.

It was fun to see!

I remember when these were still on the road
I got the impression that these were just the early birds for a bigger show over Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but I never made it back to see for sure.

The restorations of these models was just beautifully done.

Okay, this one was before my time!
It was fairly pleasant, okay, warm, but pleasant, over the 4th weekend.

My favorite truck was this red baby (below):

A pink carnation and a pick-up truck?
They have lots of car shows in my area, but I've never attended one before.  It's amazing the amount of loving work that has gone into these vehicles.

It was also a very American 4th of July kind of show, don't you think?

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