Thursday, June 25, 2015

TBT: Cousin Val

Cousin Val and my brother in the 70s
My wonderful Cousin Val passed away in December, 2014. I wanted to do a memorial blog about him then, but never quite managed to do it. I guess I have had a tough time with his passing.  It upset my deeply.  He was my handsome cousin who was always there for me and shared my love of the movies.  Losing him was hard.

Val loved people and did kind acts of service all the time.  He was an excellent cook, and was always bringing a meal to someone, or giving someone a ride.  He took special care of the older people in his congregation and was very mindful of those who were alone.

He is shown here with my brother Jay.  The photo was taken in the family room of our home in Phoenix, Arizona - I'm guessing it was the mid 1970s (no later than 1977).

Two nice looking guys, don't you agree?

Rest in peace, Val.  You are greatly missed.

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