Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Hamburger the Size of Your Face

Livia says "HI"
This is Livia.  Livia is 4 years-old. Livia is eating a hamburger the size of her face.

Looks pretty good there, Livia!

In the meantime, her brother Fred is playing with an awesome balloon animal of ... some kind... Yikes!  Looks like an alien, there, Fred!

And Livia is still munching.  It will probably take her all day to eat that.

Livia seems to be making progress!
Livia has to keep up her strength, you know, now that she's an older sister!

Fred and Livia meet their new brother Olaf
Fred's not so sure what to make of all this.  Neither is Olaf, apparently. He seems to be wondering, "Who are these kids?  What are they doing ?", and more importantly, "Where is MY hamburger?"

Have a great day today, and try not to eat anything bigger than your face.  Unless you have permission from your mommy, of course.

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