Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Aaron's Special Day

Aaron's cake was beautifully decorated
I was privileged to share a special day with my friend Aaron on Sunday.  Aaron is the young man I have tutored, and I enjoy a wonderful friendship with his family that I treasure very much.

This past Sunday, Aaron had his Confirmation in the Catholic Church, St. Stephen Martyr, in Monterey Park.
While I have attended Catholic Mass before in different places, I had never before attended a Confirmation.  I'm glad I was able to share this special event with Aaron and his family.

St. Stephen's is a grand, and very beautiful church with murals and statues on the inside.  There were many people there for this occasion.  Aaron's Confirmation Class was a large one.

Inside St. Stephen's
After the service, there was a small reception next door for all the celebrants.  There were lots of good things to eat there!

Aaron and I in the Parish parking lot
Aaron just turned 16 and seems so grown up now.  With all the choices kids can make, I'm so grateful that he is making good choices, and making God a part of his life.

Barbara and Viviana preparing dinner  (I love this kitchen!)
Later, we joined other friends and family for dinner at Aaron's parents' home.  (I work with Aaron's mom, Barbara.  She is a good friend.)  Dinner was lovely!

This was such a pleasant day spent with friends.

Congratulations, Aaron!

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