Monday, June 29, 2015

Robin Red-Breast

The Mama Robin
Once upon a time in Ottawa, Canada there lived a mama bird.  She looks like a robin with her red breast.  Robins are my favorite.  We had lots of them in Illinois where I lived for a while as a little girl.

This mama robin built a nest for her baby birds under the porch of a little house on a quiet street. That house is where my nephew and his family live.  He tried to document the bird's stay there and I believe he got some pretty good photos!

Mom!  I'm hungry!
She had three beautiful babies who were hungry all the time.

She worked very hard to keep them fed.

Mamma taking care of her babies
The little birds grew and grew!

Until one day they started leaving the little nest.

Sitting on the nest
They had a very nice nesting area, protected from the elements, don't you think?

This was the best photo Daniel could get of one of the baby robins once it left the nest:

One of the babies
They were anxious to leave and get going out into the world.  It's one of those circle of life things. It's officially summer and they're all gone now.

The empty nest
Have you ever had birds nest in your porch?

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