Tuesday, June 9, 2015


The Salt Lake area got rain in buckets over the weekend
'TANJ it!', as author Larry Niven would say.  In other words, 'There Ain't No Justice!'  We're in dire need of water, but it's in the news falling everywhere but here in Southern California.  We hear of flooding in places, all over the country, even places where it usually doesn't flood.  Even Arizona has been getting record amounts of rain - in months where it hasn't rained EVER in recorded history.

But do we get any?  No.

I repeat: TANJ It!

So, Mother Nature, just to irritate me further, has really been dumping the rain on Salt Lake City and environs. Over the weekend, my family there reported it coming down in buckets.

They also sent a photo (above) just to taunt me. (They think this is funny.  I'll leave you to decide.)

Of course, the Universe got them back with a power outage!  Yes, it rained that much, that fast.

My family during the power outage
Power outages are no fun.  Have you noticed lately how dependent we are on electricity?  Yeah, it's downright scary how dependent we are on electricity and electrical devices for our sanity.  Well, and our lives and any sense of normalcy.

That's not to say they weren't prepared for the emergency!  They got out the candles right away. As you can see below, they did an awesome job of making things cozy by candlelight.

Nils and his friend contemplating the Universe by candlelight
So, maybe, all things considered, there's some justice after all.

And, Yes.  I am a brat.

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