Thursday, October 30, 2014

TBT: The Wonder Years

My Nephew and Niece: Daniel and Linnea
I remember these two little munchkins long before they had three pesky, younger brothers.  (In fact, to be honest, I remember way back - long before their daddy was born.)

It seems like yesterday these two were playing with toys.

Then, I blinked twice and they was all growed-ed up.

It hardly seems possible they've since turned into these outstanding young adults:

Here is Daniel and his wife Holly with their two small children, Livia and Fredrik.
Holly, Livia, Daniel and Fred
Oops!  Even THEY have gotten older since that photo was taken!

Time does slip away, and so quickly.  Here is a more recently photo.  Livia is truly NOT a baby anymore.

Fred, Daniel, Livia and Holly
Time has also changed Linnea.  She's become a beautiful young woman, with a handsome husband.

Linnea and Jeff at a Washington, D.C. party
You certainly can't stop time.  But you can trace its progress with photos.

Thank heavens!

That's it for Throwback Thursday.  Over and out.

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