Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Birthday Luncheon

Ivy (Planning), Nikita (Marketing) and Barbara (Admin)
Friday was a real treat. We Marketing and Admin folks don't often go to lunch with the Planners and Engineers, but on Friday we dragged all the ladies in the office that didn't have to be somewhere else, and went for a birthday luncheon.

Oh, yes, did I mention, it was for my birthday?

I'm a lucky duck.

Carmen (Admin), Veronica (Admin) and Ana (Engineering)
I work with some really great ladies.

They're beautiful inside and out.
Sabrina (Marketing) wasn't too shy to sit at the head of the table!
She makes me laugh!  She's very funny.
Here are just some of the tasty luncheon treats we ordered (below).  Everything was really good!  I had the Meatloaf Sliders with the salad (below).

Meatloaf Sliders and a Wedge salad. Yum!
 You could get them with fries, too.  Carmen got hers like this:

Meatloaf Sliders with Fries.  Yum Again.
Sabrina opted for the pot pie.

Marie's pot pie and a small Cesar salad.  Yum. Er, again...  for a third time!

Are you hungry yet?

Happy Birthday to me!
What a nice Friday lunch.  Happy Birthday to me!  Thanks, ladies!

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